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1605, 2016

As Things Heat Up, Energy Prices Cool Down.

Monday, May 16, 2016|Comments Off on As Things Heat Up, Energy Prices Cool Down.

Carbon dioxide continues to increase in the atmosphere with a major milestone of 400 parts per million of CO2 recorded [...]

2904, 2016

The Revolution

Friday, April 29, 2016|Comments Off on The Revolution

Is seaweed set to save us from overheating? Global Warming and the Future The years are getting warmer and warmer, [...]

1304, 2016

Genergy Newsletter 2016 #1

Wednesday, April 13, 2016|Comments Off on Genergy Newsletter 2016 #1

Genergy Newsletter 2016   #1 Hi all and welcome to this our first Genergy newsletter of the year. The reason why [...]


I am very happy with my 300L Genergy solar geyser. Since October 2012, my daily electrical unit consumption has dropped from 40 to 45 units per day to 15 to 20 units per day.
Kenny, 300L Solar Water Heater
Since Genergy installed my net-metered rooftop photovoltaics system, my electricity bill has gone from R1200 per month to R200 per month.
Frank, 3kw rooftop photovoltaic systems
I now only use 9-11 units per day, I use to consume 16-17 units per day before I installed the Genergy system> It runs quieter than my fridge!
Hugh, 200L Domestic Heat Pump
We are making a monthly saving of R800 / R1000 with our 340L Quantum heat pump and no matter how much hot water we need, we never run out of it.
Grant, 340L Domestic Heat Pump
My Genergy solar geyser reduced my electricity consumption from 600 units per month to about 350 units per month.
Krag, 300L Solar Water Heater
I am very happy with my Quantum heat pump, it delivers plenty of hot water and it’s pretty quiet too.
Rob, 340L Domestic Heat Pump


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